Behavioral Health Special Initiative

The BHSI Program functions as a managed care organization authorizing each patient’s care according to clinical/medical necessity (based on The American Society of Addiction Medicine) (ASAM) and referring them to a network of licensed drug and alcohol providers both within and outside of the City.

In addition to ongoing coordination with OAS, the BHSI program works with the other components the City’s Department of Behavioral Health/MRS: Community Behavioral Health and the Office of Mental Health. This allows the Program to better meet the needs of clients whose funding eligibility fluctuates between medical assistance and non-medical assistance status as well as clients who have co-occurring disorders (mental illness and addictions).

Staff of this Program is comprised of dedicated individuals with significant clinical background and knowledge of substance abuse, mental health and health care issues as well as other staff with expertise in billing and computer skills. BHSI is not an entitlement program and has guidelines for treatment.

PMHCC provides critical administrative support to the BHSI Program through its fiscal component, information and human resources management and a variety of other managerial elements.